April Second – FAQ

What sizes are available and which should I choose?

The majority of our dresses are currently available in sizes 34-40. These are the most common sizes on the market and we plan to expand this selection as we grow. Dresses fit true to size, so choose your regular size, however elastic waistbands in most pieces mean that you could size up/down if desired (see “How do I know if the dress will fit?”). If you’re unsure send us a WhatsApp or Instagram message or come to a fitting in Berlin.

How do I know if the dress will fit?

Sizing is so much more than just a number on the tag. Measurements vary very much from brand to brand and of course from the fit. We chose the right dresses which should fit any size between 34-40. Most of our dresses are flexible with an elastic waistband and will size up/down. If you’re unsure send us a WhatsApp or Instagram message or come to a fitting in Berlin.

How long can I rent a dress?

The minimum rental time is 5 days to provide some leeway in picking up and returning the dresses. We also offer 10 and 15 day rental options. If you’re done before and want to return early, that’s great too! 

Can I extend my rental?

We’re happy that you love your rental! If you wish to keep an item longer, contact us and we will be able to help you extend your booking if someone else has not booked it after you.

What happens when I order a dress and I don’t wear it or it doesn’t fit or suit me?

Once we ship the dress to you, we consider it rented. You will be charged the full rental amount. 

Can I try multiple dresses at home and send back the ones I don’t want or wear?

We currently do not provide an at-home fitting with multiple options. Call us or WhatsApp us for advice before you rent. You will be charged the full rental amount once dresses are shipped.

How does the in-store fitting work?

Local clients can book a personal styling option for 59€ an hour. This amount will be deducted from your final rental fee if you rent a dress.

Should I clean my item? 


Sorry about the all-caps but this is a big thing for us. Our laundering and repairs team handle all of the cleaning a pressing of the garments, making them look as good as new and they can only do that if they’re “first at the scene” of any spillages or damage.

How do I return my dress?

Use the find a pre-paid return slip from the original package. When you’re ready to send the dress back, place it in the box and drop it off at your nearest DHL office.  

What if I lose the dress?

We will unfortunately have to charge the full market value if you lose a garment. However, in Germany this can be covered by your “Hausrratsversicherung”.  

I fell in love with the dress. Can I buy it?

First of all, we’re so glad you fell in love! We sell all of our pieces after our lovely renters have enjoyed them. Get in touch with us and we will see if we can sell it to you already since new items cannot be sold (yet).

How do you price the pieces? 

We charge 20% of the retail price for every rental as a base. This covers dry cleaning, shipping & transaction fees. For 10 day rentals we then charge 23% and 25% for 15 days.

How can I get in touch with you?

We love hearing from you.

Email: hello@aprilfirst.de

WhatsApp: +49 151 20294306

DM: @april__second on the ‘gram