April Second

Love, Rent, Repeat!
Every wedding season, APRIL FIRST clients come looking for the perfect dress. But the season is long, the amount of dresses in store is limited, and not everyone can afford to buy a new beautiful outfit for every occasion. Carolin Dunkel’s solution? A careful selection of the most show-stopping dresses from designer Ulla Johnson available for rental.

Renting the runway as one answer to waste in the fashion industry is not new. Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries in the world: each consumer buys 60% more (compared 15 years ago) but only keeps the clothes for half as long. Due to the fact that renting is circular (no waste and longer lifespan of garments) and provides a perfect opportunity to refresh the wardrobe, it is a good option to address this issue while satisfying a need for some novelty.

So if you have an occasion coming up and you are looking for something special to wear, we’ve got you covered. Rent the dress that suits your mood and budget, steal the show, bring it back and start all over again. 

Because we know what it’s like to have a full closet, but not find what you actually need. Imagine a wardrobe of perfectly pressed basics alongside a sprinkle of rented dresses to wear once in a lifetime to events.